Date: 2008-11-10 03:52 pm (UTC)
Hello, Mandy darling!
.....I'm glad you chose to respond to my single more hateful and angry entry I've ever written in my LiveJournal in the five years that I've had it. Next time I want to talk to you I know how to get your attention :D

I'm sorry if my entry bashing Obama upset you.. my LJ is the one place where I am totally honest and feel comfortable enough to fully take advantage of my freedom of speech and I really didn't think you were even on LJ anymore because I hadn't seen a new entry from you in a long time. Feel free to write anything hateful about McCain in your LJ for me to see and I promise I won't be upset, it's your right just as much as it is mine to say what you believe and I respect that.

The thing that I think a lot of people mistake about McCain is comparing him to Bush. McCain and Bush are so very different in their policies. McCain is a very liberal Republican, which is why many Republicans didn't like/support/vote for him. I was very hesitant at first about voting for him until I heard some of the things that Obama was in support of and then I decided that I was going to vote for McCain, not because I liked him a whole lot, but because it would be one more vote against Obama.

Another thing that majorly irked me about him is he never answers any questions or fully states his position on anything that is asked of him. In debates, speeches, etc he always uses this flowery "inspirational" talk that gets everyone fired up but I don't hear any substance in anything he says. It's obvious he can be very charismatic and is a good speaker, but I want to see more from him than just that. And like I said before, he doesn't have enough experience in my opinion.... being on the Senate for a couple of terms isn't enough for me. This is man that will be in control of our country, making decisions that will directly affect the entire world, other nations, you and I, and our children and so on.

I don't think Obama is being very honest about his past either, but that will just have to unfold in time I guess.

You know me. You know I've a pretty conservative gal. And I'm all down with having a home brother in office because I myself am a big strong black woman, but Obama and I just don't see eye to eye on a lot of things and that's okay. My opinion is not the end all, be all of opinions, but above all, having a president who will make Godly choices in our government is a must. If Obama chooses to go in that direction, awesome.
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